Teaching More Than 500 Kids To Weave = The Best Week Ever!

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  1. Jarmo says:

    Health Care is another area where BOEs have misesd the boat. The average cost per employee is now in the mid-teens and growing at 15 25% ($2 4K) per year. The total increase can now be as much as the salary increase, and that’s why combined, staff compensation is increasing at 5 7% per year. Under a 4% cap, this was a disaster, under a 2.5% cap it will destroy public education in NJ. And having staff contribute 1.5% of salary reduces the range for one year to 3.5 6%, but does nothing going forward unless teachers agree to plan changes that arrest the out-of-control growth of the HC plans’ cost, or agree to pick up a portion of the annual increase.BOEs have to stop allowing teachers and other staff to pretend that the free coverage they have today is a birthright. It is just another piece of their compensation, and in total, comp shouldn’t be increasing by more than 2 3%.Note At the current rate of growth, HC costs could exceed salaries as a line item in a BOE budget by the end of the decade!

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