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After receiving many requests for a CraftSanity newsletter, I’m finally starting one. The main purpose of the newsletter is to let you know when new issues CraftSanity Magazine are coming out and give you a chance to snag a copy during the dollar off pre-order sale, but I will also include updates about CraftSanity Looms, workshops, the podcast and other exciting events.

I have limited time for newsletter writing, so don’t worry about me getting carried away and flooding your inbox with nonsense (such as random photos of yours truly standing on chairs wearing aprons embellished with giant screen-printed gun holsters. I needed art for this post, what can I say?)

I promise to send newsletters only when I have actual news to share and I vow to NEVER sell or otherwise share your email address with others. This newsletter business is just between us.

If this all sounds reasonable to you, please sign up below and then go on and have a lovely day.

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