CraftSanity’s Upcycled Crayon Blocks Will Debut at Recycled Art Market at City High Saturday

When I saw a pile of unfinished oak blocks over at my friend Dan’s house I thought it would be great to turn them into lovely crayon holders. So Dan fired up his drill press and got to work. Then he passed a box of drilled out blocks to me. That was my cue to fire up my disk sander and get going on the finishing work. (I still haven’t broke down and invested in a fancier belt sander because I’m a very frugal woman when it comes to buying noisy tools.)

When the blocks were sanded smooth as a baby’s behind, they were ready to be oiled. This is my favorite part because the oil brings out the natural markings of the wood and it’s always such a cool surprise to see how the wood looks after the finish is applied. And, wow, did these blocks turn out lovely. High five, Dan!

My children and I have already set aside blocks for ourselves, but I will be bringing the rest to the Recycled Art Market  at City High/Middle School, 1400 Fuller Ave. NE in Grand Rapids, where I’ll also be selling looms, weaving supplies and copies of CraftSanity Magazine today from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

I still have a bit of show prep to do, so I better get off the internet. :  ) If you’re in town, stop by the show and tell me about what you like to make.

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