Throw on a Giant Doily Blanket and Celebrate Your Granny Style

It was love at first sight when Lisa Gutierrez sent me her Willow Doily Blanket pattern for CraftSanity Magazine issue 4. Isn’t it lovely?

Before pattern testing this design, I had never bothered to crochet a doily of any kind and now I’m completely hooked.

And who knew that I would actually enjoy working with “I love this yarn” by Hobby Lobby. (I thought the brand name was a bit presumptive, but it really is nice and soft and comes in great colors, too.)

While many of you are crocheting this awesome Willow Doily Blanket to hang on the back of your couch or to use as a lap blanket, I’ve been sporting mine around town.

Wearing a giant gold doily on my back is a great way to celebrate my old spirit and confuse strangers I encounter along the way.  Oh, how I love to express my granny style. The best part is that sporting a doily on my back makes me feel like a craft super hero (with messy hair). It’s true.

Seriously, after you make this blanket you will feel like a rock star and you will want to wear it on your back to show people what you made. Make one and try it on in the privacy of your own home. You’ll see. :  )

And in case any of you were wondering… Yes, Justine sat on this project, too.

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