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I've created a line of wooden peg looms to make potholders and projects of other sizes. Read the story behind the looms and check out my etsy shop.


Inspired To Weave By The People I Teach

I love weaving. And even though I own a floor loom and have tackled complicated weave structures, I always seem to make my way back to simple looms that I can haul along on the road. I love peg looms, potholder looms, knitting looms and weaving on forks, too. I also like to experiment with cardboard looms and have been known to warp up coat hangers like spider webs, too.

It was my love of weaving that led me to create the CraftSanity peg looms in multiple sizes after I quit my day job in 2009. However, I have limited time to weave on my looms because I’m often too busy making more looms. I know this is a quandary for many people who make things. There just never seems to be enough time to make all the things we want to make.

I spent the day Sunday selling looms and teaching people to weave at the Handmade Detroit show at Maker Faire Detroit with the help of my sisters, Jacquie (on the left in photo) and Julie (middle). The show was crazy busy in the afternoon and thanks to all the great customers (Thank you!!) who stopped by my booth and my sisters for making it look great, this show was my most successful vending experience to date. I sold a lot of looms and magazines (Yay!) and got to teach many how to weave.

I sounded like a broken record as I kept repeating the instructions and throwing out anecdotes about about my own weaving. As I was chatting with a customer I caught myself explaining how sometimes I’m a little envious of the people who buy my looms. I said something like: “They get to go home and weave, I get to go home and make more looms.”

While I consider it a blessing that I’m busy making looms, I realized in that moment that I really miss weaving. Something had to change.

As soon as we arrived home, I got to work on a weaving a project I’ve had rolling around in my head for two years. I wove five squares Sunday night and then 10 more on Monday. Then I stitched the squares together and made a super comfy rug that I love.

Weaving a project for my home was not on the official agenda, but when I look at the finished product I can’t help but think it was time well spent. (I LOVE my new rug.) And I think I’m going to be spending a lot more more time weaving in the near future.

What are you too busy to make? Tell me in the comments and then go take a break and make something for yourself. You deserve it.

P.S. I filmed several short artist interviews Saturday at Maker Faire and will be posting a short video soon. Jeff and I are also working on the next episode of the podcast. Check back here for my interview with Brett Bara and a giveaway later today!


Comment from Diane
Time: August 2, 2011, 8:38 am

Your new rug is so pretty!! Glad you made some time for yourself, Jennifer, and have such a pretty, useful rug for you!

Me? I’ve been finishing quilts that have been piling up here. Sent one to Japan after the tsunami and earthquake, almost finished one for the floods here in the U.S., but didn’t make the deadline – it’ll be ready for the next unfortunate event.

One quilt needs the handsewing on the binding for my nephew, and another needs the handsewing for the Maryknoll Mission and another needs the binding sewn on the for retreat center.

I need to order your small loom so I can make a cute rug for me! I have the bigger loom, but the little looms make such cute projects!

Comment from Melissa Boniface
Time: August 2, 2011, 8:46 am

It feels so good to break away from a To-do list and do some restorative crafting.

My craft that gets pushed to the wayside is Digital Scrapbooking. I finally organized my stash of virtual papers and elements, so I can make some time and get down to the business of recording my memories. I have to give myself permission to do that soon.

I have other crafts I want to do, like two kits I ordered from Alicia Paulsen (Posie Gets Cozy) that I have yet to crack into. I buy things with good intentions to tackle them right away and then they sit. :(

Thanks for this post. It is nice to be reminded that it is okay to do what you love!

Comment from Beth
Time: August 2, 2011, 11:15 am

I love your new rug…think I’ll buy a little loom for my daughter’s bday~she’ll love crafting!

Comment from Whitney Raidt
Time: August 2, 2011, 2:30 pm

Hi, my name is Whitney.

I love the rug you made. Wow. I have been looking for an affordable floor covering for my livingroom since my daughter is crawling, and she doesn’t particularly like the hard wood floors. :)

I think we have similar interests, and I have a blog at

I would love it if you would check it out and become a follower ;) I have a goal of gaining 100 followers by 2012.

Can’t wait to see more of you on the internet.


Comment from April Hunt
Time: August 2, 2011, 3:55 pm

Lovely rug. So glad you made something for YOURSELF! I have the same problem. Unfortunately, my list of quilts to make for others has gotten a little long and I won’t have time for my own quilt till next year sometime. But I am determined to do it. Three, actually. I have dreams of THREE quilts just for me. :)

Comment from Elizabeth
Time: August 2, 2011, 8:13 pm

*crazy maniacal laugh* The list of what I don’t have time to make is too long to even get into. On that note, I have August mentally slated as “Make A Lot” month, so hopefully that list will dwindle! Though, now your rug has been added to it. So cute – I love it!

Glad it stayed busy for you. I was really pleased to see that. So nice to meet your sisters, too.

Comment from Holly U
Time: August 5, 2011, 10:38 am

Love this rug! What did you use? Is it just cotton quilting fabric? I love the look you achieved but am worried about fraying, especially after a few launderings.

I have at least a bajillion ideas, most of which I don’t get to, and crafty blogs like yours just give me more, darnit! In fact, after seeing this post, I pulled out the cheap-o plastic potholder loom I found at a thrift store to try this myself. I made some tarn (t-shirt yarn) — my first attempt at that — but then the tute I found for weaving on this loom shows I”d need a crochet hook, which I don’t have. So instead I decided to try another weaving project that recently caught my eye, done on a hula hoop. Or a round quilting frame in my case, which is the closest I have to a hula hoop:

Which is a loooong way of saying that my pile of WIPs is growing along with my list of ideas to get to ‘someday’!

Comment from Bev
Time: August 11, 2011, 6:39 am

I’ve got a list like Holly’s, and now I’m going to use her word, bajilion, to describe it! I recently decided that I should give myself permission to enjoy ideas as mental playtime – dreams of colorful fabric are pretty good even if you’re stuck on another plane/ on meeting, waiting room, at traffic lights…..

That said, I stacked out three quilts on my sewing table in the front room and every now and then I get to sew a few seams, so the little stacks of patterns are slowly growing….

I love your rug!
Oh, and I was going to comment how similar those three happy ladies looked, and then I saw you said they’re your sisters. No kidding!

Comment from Saturday Sequins
Time: August 28, 2011, 12:38 pm

I’m so, so glad you took the time to make something for yourself. I’ve heard from many full time artists and craftspeople that they no longer have time to play, to make things for the sake of making them, and it makes me very sad. That’s my favorite part of creativity!

I’m not a full time artist. Right now, my full time job is recovering from a double whammy shoulder injury. This takes up a lot of my time, and I often find myself having to choose. If I do my rehab exercises, I have to spend the next hour icing, not writing or making jewelry. However! Recently I’ve discovered that timers, not diamonds, are a girl’s best friend. I set mine for 30 minutes at a time and stop when it’s done, and that way I don’t overextend myself. I don’t know about you, but when I actively schedule creative me-time, I tend to be able to fit it in and stick to my schedule.

That said, I really have to get back to work on my tutu. It’s just for me, it’s silly, and it looks awesome. It looks lonely sitting there in my studio!

Comment from kris
Time: September 26, 2011, 5:33 pm

I love the rug, how did you attach the small squares together.

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