Inspired To Weave By The People I Teach

I love weaving. And even though I own a floor loom and have tackled complicated weave structures, I always seem to make my way back to simple looms that I can haul along on the road. I love peg looms, potholder looms, knitting looms and weaving on forks, too. I also like to experiment with cardboard looms and have been known to warp up coat hangers like spider webs, too.

It was my love of weaving that led me to create the CraftSanity peg looms in multiple sizes after I quit my day job in 2009. However, I have limited time to weave on my looms because I’m often too busy making more looms. I know this is a quandary for many people who make things. There just never seems to be enough time to make all the things we want to make.

I spent the day Sunday selling looms and teaching people to weave at the Handmade Detroit show at Maker Faire Detroit with the help of my sisters, Jacquie (on the left in photo) and Julie (middle). The show was crazy busy in the afternoon and thanks to all the great customers (Thank you!!) who stopped by my booth and my sisters for making it look great, this show was my most successful vending experience to date. I sold a lot of looms and magazines (Yay!) and got to teach many how to weave.

I sounded like a broken record as I kept repeating the instructions and throwing out anecdotes about about my own weaving. As I was chatting with a customer I caught myself explaining how sometimes I’m a little envious of the people who buy my looms. I said something like: “They get to go home and weave, I get to go home and make more looms.”

While I consider it a blessing that I’m busy making looms, I realized in that moment that I really miss weaving. Something had to change.

As soon as we arrived home, I got to work on a weaving a project I’ve had rolling around in my head for two years. I wove five squares Sunday night and then 10 more on Monday. Then I stitched the squares together and made a super comfy rug that I love.

Weaving a project for my home was not on the official agenda, but when I look at the finished product I can’t help but think it was time well spent. (I LOVE my new rug.) And I think I’m going to be spending a lot more more time weaving in the near future.

What are you too busy to make? Tell me in the comments and then go take a break and make something for yourself. You deserve it.

P.S. I filmed several short artist interviews Saturday at Maker Faire and will be posting a short video soon. Jeff and I are also working on the next episode of the podcast. Check back here for my interview with Brett Bara and a giveaway later today!

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