In Other Jam-Related News: Crocheted Canning Jar Covers

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that I published a fun and easy crochet pattern in CraftSanity Magazine issue 3 to pretty up your jam jars after you try out the strawberry jam recipe. I can’t crochet fast enough to make a lid cover for every jar of jam, but I’m sure enjoying the four covers I stitched for the magazine photo shoot.

It will probably be a long while before I have time to crochet any more, but I’m telling you I’d sit around and crochet lid covers all day if I could get away with it. There’s something very gratifying about making pretty things.

The other crochet project that I designed for the magazine is the Round Bottom Market Bag on page 15. It’s a relatively fast project that I like to take along to all the places crafty moms go. Today I started working on a new lime green bag on the sidelines of the a soccer game. So rest assured this pattern was created with multi-tasking moms in mind.

What is your favorite take-along project?

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