Hello Summer! CraftSanity Magazine Issue 3 Show & Tell

It’s a beautiful sunny day here is West Michigan, so I recruited my family to help out with a quick photo shoot because I want to show you a couple more projects from CraftSanity Magazine issue 3. As I’ve mentioned before, I test all the projects before I publish them. And while it’s challenging to make more than a dozen projects on a tight deadline, I’m happy to do it. So. Very. Happy.

The crepe paper flower project on page 7 by my friend, Cydney Colvig, is a show stopper. I love making these large flowers in a bold mix of colors. And for all you shutterbugs, these flowers are super fun to photograph so that’s an added bonus.

If you’re planning a summer shower or other outdoor party, these large blooms make for excellent decorations. I wrapped the stems around the seat back of one of my patio chairs and can only image how great a whole lawn full of embellished chairs would look.

The template to make the flowers out of crepe paper folds is printed in the magazine, so you don’t need to draft your own pattern and can get started as soon as you round up your supplies. I was not able to find crepe paper folds at any craft stores in my area, but it’s readily available online. Cydney bought her crepe paper from this shop.

And here’s my eight panel corset skirt made from Ruth Wesolowski’s tutorial on p. 39 of the magazine. I’m wearing the skirt today with a pair of cargo pants underneath. The skirt is fully lined so wearing pants underneath is not necessary, just a personal style choice on my part.

I really like this skirt design because it is adjustable. So I can wear it when I’m training for a marathon and when I’m not. This is a great skirt for moms, too, because the corset design allows you to wear it before and after giving birth without looking like a fashion reject.

This eight panel skirt is fun to make out of jersey knit, too. My super fast, little girl skirt interpretation of Ruth’s design is on page 41. The kid version has been endorsed by Abby, 7, and Amelia, 5, the V.P.s of Fun here at CraftSanity headquarters.

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