Have a little joy

I had kind of a frustrating day today. I’ll spare you the sordid details but I channeled my frustration into emotional fuel for a faster-than usual run around the neighborhood. That’s what I do when I get mad, I go out for a run and sweat out my anger. It may sound a bit twisted, but it works for me and I’m amused by the fact that the jerk who upset me ends up helping me through a tough workout.

What I’ve come to realize is that there will always be detractors, people who make rudeness seem so effortless, people who are flat out mean. I’m not willing to waste my energy trying to prove myself to morons, so I run as fast as I can for a little while, feel better and get back to work.

Today I choose to “have a little joy” despite it all. I made a reverse applique banner spelling out this mantra a couple months ago and it seems appropriate to show you today. Sometimes we all need to be reminded to focus on what’s going right in our lives and worry less about the things we can’t control. Life IS good.

Now go have a little joy. You deserve it!

P.S. A day after posting this I realized that I should probably clarify that my bad day had absolutely nothing to do with my CraftSanity work. This is my joy. It’s the other stuff I do for $$ that sometimes gets my goat. Many thanks to those who have posted encouraging words below. High fives to you all.


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