Hello again

My apologies for the sporadic blog posting of late. I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on issue 3 of CraftSanity Magazine and attending art shows hosted by my daughters in our hallway.

The girls have been painting like mad and burning through their stash of supplies very quickly. They installed their latest batch of paintings in the hallway where they will remain for a while. I quite enjoy seeing their artwork in mass, so I’m in no hurry to make them take it down.

They worked together on a very interesting abstract painting, which I want to properly frame. (They call their collaborative paintings “together paintings,” which makes them priceless to me.) It’s such fun to see what kids create when handed some supplies and left to their own devices.

Jeff finished the magazine layout today and now we’re in the proofing phase. The plan is to head to the printer tomorrow after all the last-minute edits are complete. I will be posting the pre-order preview later this week so you can reserve your print copy and save a dollar off the cover price.

And in and effort to keep the magazine sustainable with very limited advertising, the pdf price is going up to $5 with the release of the new issue. So if you would like a pdf of issue 1 or 2 at the introductory rate of $3.99, now is the time to order from the left side bar. Thank you for your understanding on this front. When you consider the fact that single pattern pdfs regularly sell for $5 and more, the CraftSanity magazine pdf is still a pretty sweet deal for more than a dozen projects and stories.

In between all the busy work of the day, my thoughts have drifted to the men and women who have given their lives to protect American freedom. I think of my uncle, a man I never got to meet, who died in Vietnam. I think of the men and women whose graves today are marked with mini American flags, all the soldiers who went to war and never came back and all the families still grieving similar losses.

I also think of all the veterans and the men and women currently serving. Hug a veteran today and send a prayer up for those still serving.

***Update… I totally forgot to mention this earlier, but I was invited to do a Q&A with Amy from Maker Mama and it was posted today. You can read the interview here and check out the rest of her Month of Mamas Series, too. Thank you, Amy!

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