CraftSanity On TV: Make your own lemonade stand

My daughters are gearing up for their first ever lemonade sale, so I decided to whip them up a cute little booth to make it all very official.

I originally had an elaborate plan involving appliqued letters with a hand-embroidered outline planned, but thankfully my friend Cydney talked me into stenciling with paint instead.

While I often work alone into the wee hours of the night prepping for TV segments, it was super fun and way less stressful to collaborate on this project. And the best part is that my kids LOVE their new lemonade stand. Read on for instructions to make your own.

* Three 5′ lengths of 1.5″ diameter PVC pipe

* Four 1′ pieces of 1.5″ diameter PVC pipe for the base (I bought 2′ pieces and had a nice man at the home improvement store cut them in half for me.)

* Two 1.5″ diameter sanitary tees (pieces that connect the banner side posts to the 1′ pieces I used to make the stand)

* Four 1.5″ diameter end caps for the stand

* Two 1.5″ diameter elbow pieces to connect the side posts to the top piece

* 1 piece of canvas or other scrap fabric measuring 24″ x 58″

* Freezer paper

* Scissors

* Iron

* Yellow and pink fabric paint

* Stenciling and detail brushes

* Sewing machine and thread to match fabric

* Table measuring about 56″ long or less and a cute table cloth

Step 1: Fold fabric in half lengthwise. Press with iron, then make a casing by sewing a line across the banner 3 1/4″ down from the folded edge. Take a moment to make sure the banner fits onto the PVC pipe. Then sew along the bottom edge of the banner about an inch from the edge to give it a little more stability.)

Step 2: Cut a piece of freezer paper 9″ x 58″. Draw out the word “Lemonade” in block letters with a pencil on the paper side of freezer paper and cut out the letter shapes that you want to paint. Set aside cutouts from the letters “O”, “A” and “D”.

Step 3: Iron the freezer paper shiny side down to your fabric using the top stitch line as a guide. Iron on the cutouts from the O”, “A” and “D”.

Step 4: Grab your stenciling brush and blot yellow paint onto the fabric to color in all the letters. Take a short break and let the paint dry.

Step 5: Peal off the stencil and use pink fabric paint and a detail brush to make a dotted line around each letter. Let dry.

Step 6: Put the banner on the top piece of PVC pipe and secure in place by adding the “elbow” connector pieces to each end. Add the side pieces of PVC and connect to base. (You can glue the pieces together, but we decided not to because we want our stand to easily break down for storage.) Position table under the banner, make lemonade, set your price (We’re going with 50 cents.), grab some cups, and you’re ready to open your stand.

Check out the video clip of our lemonade stand below on WZZM Channel 13’s “Take Five” show and be sure to post a link to your handmade lemonade stand. I’d love to check it out.

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