The Best Crocheted Easter Basket Pattern Ever!

Wow do I love to crochet! I just finished another Easter basket while we were watching “Toy Story 3” with the kids. I used the crochet pattern by Maria Stout that is on page 16 of CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2. (You can download the magazine pdf for $3.99 on the left sidebar of this site or buy a printed copy via my Etsy shop.)

The basket shown in the photo is a few rows shorter than the pattern calls for because I used stash yarn that my oldest daughter selected and I didn’t have enough to make the basket any taller. Thankfully, the short version is cute, too. I used two strands of worsted weight held together and I’m pleased with the result.

I used a chunky weight yarn from Briar Rose Fibers to make my first basket and LOVE the result. I tried to steer my daughter to the “good stuff” when she was picking out yarn for her basket, but she was firm on her acrylic selections. While the yarn was not as fun to work with as chunky wool, my daughter likes her basket and that’s the important thing. In the end, the colors are fun and bright and the basket is washable in the event of an Easter spill.

My youngest daughter selected a variegated 4-ply 100 percent cotton for her basket which I will probably start tonight. After I whip up that one you better believe I’ll rushing back to the chunky wool. : )

Now that I’ve made one basket with a double strand of worsted weight yarn and another out of chunky yarn, I definitely prefer working with a single strand of Briar Rose. And the more color the better. I need to get my hands on super chunky turquoise yarn because I’m itching to make a turquoise basket for some reason. (I’m kind of obsessed with that color and have been for some time.)

I’m  doing an Easter craft segment on TV a week from Friday, so I’m trying to get all my Easter decorations made by then. Let me know if you have any fun Easter craft ideas. I’m thinking I should crochet some more cozies and maybe some eggs, too.

And if you’re looking for a fun spring craft, you really should try out Maria’s crocheted Easter basket pattern. It’s fun to stitch and turns out super cute. Happy stitching!

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