Knitting The Mitten State: A New Pattern In Development

With plans for an exciting Handmade Tour of Michigan in the works, I’ve been thinking a lot about the great state I call home.

I’ve also been thinking about rising gas prices and how I’m going to pull off this self-funded trip. It’s not a lucrative solution, but I’ve decided to write a fun Michigan map dishcloth pattern and sell it as a PDF download on this site.

I will probably end up using my cloth for a more decorative than practical purpose, but the knitting is fun either way. I hope to wrap up my pattern draft in a couple days. Then I’ll recruit some test knitters to check my work and make the pattern available for all you mitten state lovers ASAP.

In the meantime, please keep sending in your tour stop suggestions. I’ve gotten some wonderful tips from readers and can’t wait for this summer’s handmade adventure. I’m also cooking up a plan to craft with people along the way. So let me know if you’re interested in showing me around your town. Tell me what you make and how we may be able to collaborate this summer.

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