Hello again. It’s been a while.

Check out these cute little finger puppets that I bought to put in my daughters’ Easter baskets. I bought them for $4.50 each at a local “fair trade” shop. I made the purchase even though I have yet to get my mind around how the people who made the puppets are getting any money out of it. It would not be worth my while to take the time to knit one and sell it for $4.50 direct, so I’m a bit wary about this. Any thoughts?

There been a lot going on behind the scenes here at CraftSanity. Since I last blogged, we celebrated Abby’s 7th birthday, Amelia’s second lost tooth and I taught 25 kids in Abby’s first grade class how to sew tooth fairy pouches by hand. (I adapted the project published in issue 2 of the CraftSanity Magazine and had assistance from Abby’s teacher and my husband, Jeff.)

“Do you want to know what I learned from this project?” one little boy said after he was done.

“What did you learn?” I replied.

“That I will never ever sew again for the rest of my life.”

Hopefully, he’ll reconsider, but I do appreciate his honesty. I felt better when a little girl came up and said: “I wish I could sew forever.”

Me, too!

But lately there’s been little time for recreational sewing. I did get the curtains started with the expert help of a friend. But our second scheduled work session was postponed when my furnace broke and the roof started leaking all in the same evening. I will update you folks as soon as we wrap up the project.

Work on the next issue of CraftSanity Magazine is ramping up. I’m excited about the summer projects and dreaming of warm weather. I’m scrambling to finish my projects and articles and working to test those submitted by contributors. It’s going to be a another fun issue!

We’re still accepting advertising for the June issue, so it’s not too late to place an ad for your handmade business, blog or website. Here are the the advertising rates:
Business card size: $37.50
Quarter page: $75
Half page: $150
Full page: $300
Back Cover: $400

All ads are published in full color and will be hyperlinked in the pdf version of the magazine. If you’re interested in advertising, let me know and I’ll reserve space for your ad.

Ok, I better get back to work. I have to prep for a TV segment tomorrow on WZZM’s “Take Five” morning show, write a newspaper column, run, take the kids to the library, throw more stuff out (I’ll explain in a future post) and then tackle the rest of my to-do list. Have a great day!


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