DIY Easter Bunny Event and a Giveaway!

As an alternative to the mass produced Easter gifts that have become rooted in American holiday tradition, Grand Rapids artist Anneke Huisman is offering parents a chance to bring their children to a stuff-your-own-bunny event. You and your child can stuff a bunny pre-sewn by Anneke, owner of Yellow Horse Art Studio and then she’ll stitch it up the back seam while you wait.

This DIY event is scheduled for 10 a.m.-2 p.m April 23 at Hop Scotch Children’s Store, 963 Cherry St. SE, in Grand Rapids. The cost is $20 to $35 depending on the bunny you select.

The bunnies come in a variety of colors and fabrics for kids to pick from. And if you fall in love with one in particular, you can reserve a bunny ahead of time at: To reserve a time slot to stuff your bunny, call Hop Scotch Children (616) 233-4008.

And to find out how Anneke got into designing stuffed toys and selling them online, check out the column I wrote about her that ran in the Home & Garden section of Sunday’s edition of  The Grand Rapids Press.

ENTER TO WIN YOUR OWN BUNNY! I’m happy to report that Anneke has donated the pink bunny above for a CraftSanity giveaway. To enter simply check out Anneke’s shop at and then leave a comment below this post telling Anneke what animal you’d like her to make next. Many of her designs have been inspired by customer requests, so we’re going to give her some more suggestions.

The contest ends Friday at noon EST, so please leave your stuffed animal recommendations by then. Good luck everyone!

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