Crocheted Vessels: A Simple Crochet Stitch Elevated To Functional, Colorful Art

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    I’d like to know how to make it properly. If you don’t mind would you please send instructions about it? Thanks for your attention. Yours. MARIA ROSA.

  2. Judy Grant says:

    Jennifer I just found this posting and I am very interested in trying to find the craft sanity magazine issue #2 that has the crochet vessel wth the roving pattern… Is this issue still available and if so may I buy it????? Or is there a another way I can find how to make this crochet vessel., thanks. Judy

  3. Cat woodward says:

    I think this would be done in tee shirt ‘yarn’ , it’s simply single crochet catching the filler yarn by crocheting over it isn’t it?

  1. October 31, 2015

    […] technique can also be adapted to create coiled bowls. These were made by single crocheting rainbow yarn over rainbow […]

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