Special Occasion Cat Embroidery: Happy Unbirthday Justine!

Today is the 1-year anniversary of the arrival of our Siamese cat, Justine. I never considered myself a cat person until I took my girls to meet her a little more than a year ago. She didn’t hide from us and seemed to like us right from the start. We soon learned her trademark move: circling our feet a couple times and then tipping herself over a yard or two away. When she starts purring, she wants someone to pet her. And if no one does, she’ll circle again and tip over a little closer to our feet. We take this as a sign that she’s willing to meet us halfway.

We’re not really sure how old Justine is, or the date of her actual birthday, so we’re celebrating today on the anniversary of the day she moved into our home. Abby drew a picture of Justine wearing a party hat for me to embroider and then she and her little sister, Amelia, picked out a new climbing contraption as the big, b-day surprise.

The girls insist that Justine is 5 years old now, so that’s the age we’re going to go with.

She’s a good cat and we have really enjoyed her company this last year. It’s funny because we weren’t planning to add a cat to the family. But then we met Justine and adopting her seemed like the right thing to do. And it was. It’s been a fun year.

Now I just have to follow her lead and nap as often as possible. She’s snoozing again right now – such a fitting way for a cat to spend her special day.

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