Listen To Your Mother: Sleep More, Work Less

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  1. Bonney says:

    How did you sew the squares together? I hope you feel better soon. It’s really not surprising given the wicked schedule you’ve been on. You already know the best remedy is rest but is that going to happen? Hmmmm…..

  2. My favorite cold remedies:
    Hot Mama’s Lemonade: cup of hot water, juice of one lemon (or half a lemon if that’s too much), teaspoon of raw honey and a dash of cayenne pepper. If you can add a bit of minced garlic to it (I love the taste of garlic, but some people could NEVER do this!) all the better. Knocks the snot out of anything that ails you.

    And for your throat and to help clear your head, Olbas’ lozenges. They are STRONG but do they ever work!

    Right how we’re dealing with spring allergies, mine to juniper is at the forefront. But my homeopathic drops (Allergan, Zone 6) and my Olbas lozenges, plus a teaspoon of local honey each day has kept them almost completely at bay!

    Hang in there, this, too will pass. When I broke my leg and was in a wheel chair for 3 months it was so interesting how my perspective changed on what was important. I learned to really take care of myself and cut myself some slack and that lesson has carried through to now, when I’m walking almost normally and taking back my life. There are no accidents and we all have lessons to learn, always.

  3. Ruth says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Jennifer! Raw garlic is my go-to cold remedy. It’s most effective taken as soon as the cold symptoms begin, but I find it can help to shorten the life of a cold already started too. I chop it up small and either put it in soup or swallow the pieces like pills w/ water or tea.

    This is really gross, but my Dr. says that cold viruses live in the intestines, so to really get rid of a virus, he suggests a lemon water enema. Take that bit of advice as you will!!( I can’t believe I am posting this on the internet!) Get better soon!

  4. lavamom says:

    Here is a delicious variation on the above remedy – take about an inch of fresh ginger root, wash it, slice it as thinly as you can, and bring the slices to a boil in some water – maybe 2 cups? – then drop to a simmer for 10-15 minutes. None of this is exact – you just want to extract the goodness and flavor from the ginger. Strain. Add to it the juice from half a medium lemon – maybe 1/4 cup? Then add honey to it all – to taste. I am guessing I add around 3-4 TB. Drink it warm. I make up a bottle to keep in the fridge when we get sick, then warm up as needed. Note that the ginger will give it a hot/spicy kick – so if you are sensitive to that you can tone it down by using less ginger.

    I also SWEAR by Source Naturals Wellness Formula, although it is most effective at the first hint of being sick.

    Just found your website – I heard an interview with you (Craftcast) that inspired me to come over and check you out. I hope you feel better soon!

  5. brandi says:

    I am not going to offer any cold remedies as you are an adult and I can assume since you are able to work a blog and podcast, that you know how to take care of yourself. That being said I hope you have a speedy recovery.

  6. Ruth says:

    Please feel free to edit my earlier comment (the second half). I can’t believe I wrote that, but I can’t edit it myself (I tried). Anyhow, now I’m getting sick too…hopefully it won’t be too long lasting. Feel better!

  7. Jan says:

    Sooooo sorry that you are still feeling bad! Rest is really the only thing that can help I think along with OJ and chicken soup.
    It would be nice if the sun would come out and warm us up here in the midwest—–when it does, sit in the sun and feel it’s warmth–soak it in and think good thoughts. Everything else you feel you have to do will just have to wait! Be Well!

  8. Sandra says:

    Feel better soon!!

  9. KellyV says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    What you are calling a cold, I believe is one of the flus going around. They last six weeks. I work in the schools and even with a flu shot I got it. Finally after six weeks I am myself again. I have seen nearly every teacher and most of the kids at this school coughing and hacking. So in my professional opinion :), you will climb out of this in the next few days and be done with this in two more weeks. Patience, Obiwon. And you are also doing great just maintaining!

  10. Beth says:

    Lots of tea with honey is all I can offer besides lots of fluids and rest. Get well, Jennifer!

  11. Juanita D. says:

    Sorry you’re still sick. :(

  12. miranda says:

    I’ve heard that lime juice is good for you when you’re sick. We do water with some ginger and some lime and then nuke it for a bit till it’s hot. I just got done being sick… Hope you feel better soon!

  13. ellen says:

    Poor you! Spring Crud is the worst. Thanks for pointing out Pinterest (I think) I need to collect some decorating ideas and this looks like the perfect way to do it – and see my ideas side by side in an organized way. I just can’t do the “little tiny peices of paper thing” – drives me crazy and my living arrangements right now won’t support it.

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