I Don’t Watch Soap Operas, But I Dig This One…

Look at these lovely soap, lotion and peppermint lip balm samples from Sheri, owner of Sheri’s Soap Opera and sponsor of CraftSanity Podcast episode 123. The surprise package was a nice little treat when extreme fatigue gave way to illness at the end of last week. Thanks so much, Sheri!

Thankfully, my voice is coming back and the fine staff at my local med center has armed me with what I need to shake off this nasty illness and get back to full strength. I will say that it’s a weird thing to be “recognized” as a local newspaper columnist and TV crafter while looking all blotchy and sick and sporting one of the ugliest, over-sized flannel coats ever known to man. I’m so grateful that there are people who like my work, I just wish I could be totally anonymous when this germ infested. My apologies to those who witnessed today’s freak show.

On a brighter note… check out this awesome digital magazine. It makes me dream of what my magazine could be someday if I had a little more help and advertising support. High five to Sweet Paul! Well done!

And while I’m way more comfortable promoting other people’s cool projects, I do want to remind you that the CraftSanity magazine pre-order sale is still going on. Details here. Thanks so much to those of you who have already ordered. You people rock!


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