Hairpin Lace Demystified in CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2!

My enthusiasm for hairpin lace is intensifying, folks! I can’t quite believe it because my first attempt – nearly a decade ago – was a complete disaster. Back then I had tried making hairpin lace while following poorly written instructions printed the loom package. The problem was that the instructions seemed to be written for people who already knew what they were doing. Sadly, I wasn’t one of them and I gave up on hairpin lace and moved on to another craft. A certified pack rat, I didn’t think twice about keeping loom and figured I use it again “someday.”

I was inspired to dust off the ol’ hairpin lace loom this winter after chatting with Beverly, the talented woman who wrote a great hairpin lace tutorial (p. 26) for CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2. Beverly pitched the project idea for the magazine and I couldn’t wait to take another crack at this craft that I failed to learn a decade earlier. It really bugs me when I can’t do stuff, so I felt like I had some unfinished business to attend to. And this time it was going to be different.

When Beverly turned in her tutorial, I retrieved the loom from my basement and got to work. This time failing wasn’t an option. I had a magazine deadline looming and I was completely hellbent on making hairpin lace and publishing a tutorial on it. Yes, I did briefly consider the fact that I may still be unable to learn how to make hairpin lace, but I didn’t dwell on that possibility for very long.

Thankfully, Beverly is a skilled tutorial writer and my second attempt at learning to make hairpin lace went so much smoother than the first time. I followed her photo illustrated guide and I literally learned while testing her tutorial and fingerless Picnic Mitts project instructions. I figured if I could do this project as a former hairpin lace flunk-out, others could, too. I did end up tearing out my first couple strips of loops and rework them for better tension, but  now making lace feels like second nature. Seriously, I can’t believe I struggled so much I tried to make lace the first time around.

I still have a lot to learn, but I feel like my craft world has expanded. (Thanks Beverly!) So if you’ve ever thought about trying hairpin lace, get yourself a copy of CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2 and get started. It’s so fun! I’m starting work on my second pair of fingerless “Picnic Mitts” using super bright “Bitty” hand-dyed merino by magazine sponsor Yarn Hollow. LOVE IT!

Oh, and it just so happens that Beverly and I have teamed up for a fun a giveaway. Enter to win a free copy of CraftSanity Magazine and some other goodies over at Beverly’s blog. Tell her Jennifer sent you. And hurry because the contest ends tomorrow!

I’ll take your hairpin lace comments below. Do you know how to make lace? Do you love it? Hate it? What have you made? What kind of loom do you use? Tell all! Links welcome.

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