Get Inspired: A Q&A With Crochet Book Author Alessandra Hayden (and a giveaway, too)!

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4 Responses

  1. Thy says:

    MashaAllah sis! Well done to her! Why don’t you give her some money and allow her to choose. That is what we are going to do for R as she has ceemlptod her hifdh of juz amma (she has chosen that instead of her party). She feels really ‘big’ and important – lol

  2. Geez, that’s unbelievable. Kudos and such.

  3. Estoy completamente de acuerdo contigo Albert; ha sido un comentario desafortunado y ofensivo. Para ser un blog de divulgación cultural no entiendo ese desprecio hacia el catalán.No estaría de más una disculpa…

  4. Da. Este o parte a “responsabilitatii”. Apoi trebuie sa iti si asumi ceea ce generezi. Si aici deja intervin problemele. Asumarea cred ca este un act de vointa foarte mare. De care suntem arareori constienti si capabili sa o facem.

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