Wool Felt: At Last I Have Some of the Good Stuff!

I’m very excited to carve out some time to work with the lovely wool felt I ordered from Prairie Point Junction. I’m crazy busy working on my next newspaper column, prepping for tomorrow’s TV segment and working on multiple CraftSanity Magazine projects, but I had to stop and shoot a photo of the felt atop the massive snow pile on the back deck. I just LOVE the colors. Thanks for sharing a great wool felt source, Abby!

Ok, I gotta get back to work. Ironically, tomorrow’s TV segment involves felt of the non-wool variety. (This is largely due to the fact that  my TV craft budget is $0. I don’t get paid to do segments, so I often work from my stash and I have loads of regular felt on hand.) Ah, well, I’m not a felt snob and I’ll be working with the good stuff soon enough. :  )

Happy crafting everyone!

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