Modern Top-Down Knitting Blog Tour Finale and Giveaway: Kristina McGowan Shares The Inspiration Behind Her New Book

It appears that I’m doing my best to make Kristina McGowan’s blog tour last as long as possible. CraftSanity the last scheduled stop. And I would have been on time if only I could have posted a quick review of her excellent new book “Modern Top-Down Knitting.” But being the extremely curious woman that I am, I did not deem this a very satisfying option.

I wanted to talk to Kristina and find out more about her relationship with Barbara G. Walker, the famed knitter who inspired her to write this book.

So I decided to do a mini-interview on the fly and had great difficulty working the editing time into the insanity that unfolded today at the CraftSanity headquarters. But better late than never, so here we go.

I haven’t dove into Barbara’s books yet, but now, thanks to Kristina, an intensive top-down study is on my list of things that I must do before I kick off.

Seeing the inspired designs that Kristina presents in her book ranging from hats to sweaters and dresses, I realize what I’ve been missing.

Make no mistake, Kristina’s book is not a revision or update of Barbara’s book, “Knitting From The Top.” Instead, Kristina’s book is an example of what can done if one studies Barbara’s top-down techniques. Kristina designed a collection of fabulous patterns after studying Barbara’s work.

And the most intriguing part of this story is the fact that Kristina was so inspired by Barbara’s book that she traveled from New York to Florida to spend the day with the famed knitter who was 79 at the time of their meeting.

Listen to the audio clip below to hear Kristina describe the knitting adventure that lead to the creation of “Modern Top-Down Knitting” and then go get your hands on a copy of both Barbara and Kristina’s books and go on your own top-down knitting adventure. Hopefully this audio extra is worth the wait. :  ) The clip picks up with Kristina describing how she tracked down Barbara.

Leave a comment below to enter the random drawing for a copy of “Modern Top-Down Knitting.” The deadline to enter is noon eastern time Sunday, Dec. 12, 2010. Good luck!

* Courtesy photos by Gudrun Georges.

Download the clip

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