CraftSanity on TV: A Folded Paper Ball Ornament Tutorial

Today I showed “Take Five” viewers how to make paper ball ornaments out of punched paper circles. Read on to learn how to make some for your tree.

I used a 2″ circle paper punch from the craft store to punch out 20 circles from a mix of card stock and recycled paper.

Next I used a paper triangle as a guide to crease the circles to form tabs that will be glued together. (Download the PDF here.) Note: you can print the PDF out on colored paper, cut out the circles and fold on the lines if you don’t have a paper punch.

The next step is to use a glue stick to glue five circles together to form the top, five more for the bottom and a strip of 10 for the middle of the ornament. Use the photo above as a guide.

Next, glue the end tabs of the strip of 10 circles together to form a ring.

To create the hanger, I cut a 10″ length of 1/4″ wide ribbon, folded it in half and knotted the ends together. I carefully threaded the hanger ribbon through the point where the tip of five circles meet on the piece that I wanted to serve as the top of the ornament. I double knotted the ribbon to keep it from sliding through the top opening.

Next, I glued the five tabs on the top piece to the corresponding tabs on the top of the center ring. Finally I glued the bottom five tabs on the center ring to the five tabs on the bottom piece to complete the ornament. Enjoy experimenting with paper from your recycle bin for this one. Happy crafting!

P.S. I still have a blog tour post in the hopper. It’s a mini-audio interview with Kristina McGowan, so please check back later tonight for that. I apologize for the delay.

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