CraftSanity Podcast 120: A day in the life of Chris de Longpre, pattern designer, business owner and self-published author

After Chris de Longpre “retired” from a career in information technology she decided to make the most of her free time.

She started knitting – a lot.

And Chris, of Kentwood, Mich., wasn’t content to follow a pattern, so she kick up the degree of difficulty and started writing her own patterns. She kept designing and taking notes.

Within months of her retirement, she launched a pattern business, called Knitting at KNoon Designs featuring eight original. Eight years later de Longpre has amassed a strong following for her pattern collection that features designs ranging from stuffed toys, socks and shawls to knitted garments for babies, children and adults.

Now her designs are stocked by 700 knitting shops across the country as well as in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Tune in to this episode of the podcast to hear the story of how Chris built a successful pattern design business and self-published her book, “Timeless Knits for Kids (Size 4 to 14.).” The book features a collection of 12 classic and practical sweater patterns she designed for her four grandchildren who are the models in the book.

You can read more about Chris in a recent newspaper column I wrote about her. You might also want to check out my podcast interview (#84) with Cat Bordhi, the knitter and designer who Chris credits with helping her get her book project off the ground.

NOTE: This podcast is rated VL for “very long.” So grab a sweater project and settle in for the long haul. : )

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