CraftSanity Podcast 120: A day in the life of Chris de Longpre, pattern designer, business owner and self-published author

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  1. Khehra says:

    I am an avid Halloween buff & go to great lengths for myelsf & family(husband/kids) have done Slave Leia/Han Solo/yoda Captain Kirk/Uhura, etc We also do a very large Halloween Cemetery display. I personally am an actress/model and have done plenty in the business world as well. This year I planned to Do Ghostbusters.. my husband as Dr. Peter Venkman(all decked out) and myelsf as Dana Barrett/The Gate Keeper red dress door scene. I am creative & can put things together but not so much with a pattern & sewing machine thus began my search for a reasonably priced costume. Well lots of ghostbuster costumes but no Dana alas Google showed me the way to Kassondra’s work. I contacted her & she responded immediately. She was always very communicative and sent pictures it arrived on time- but OUT OH mega problem with the way it look -I sent an email immediate explaining my concerns, she was very gracious and we worked through it together it arrived today FABULOUS & I cannot wait to pair it with my hubby’s costume(I have put together a proton pack, PKE meter, & ghosttrap to match his costume)& cannot wait for our BIG Halloween Party(where we have become well known). I am also excited to be using her again to help make ANH Princess Leia White Dress! I have the belt made and needed this outfit for the times when our group visits hospitals and schools(all $$ goes to charity). Thank-You again & I look forward to future projects.Cheers,Macy Bishop

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