Fusi-Boo: A Quilter’s Friend or Foe?

I know it looks like it I’m wearing a discount Snuggie in the photo, but relax. I just decided to wrap myself in Fusi-Boo for dramatic effect. And it’s actually way more expensive than buying one of those discount sleeping bags with sleeves.

If you quilt, you may know that Fusi-Boo is fusible quilt batting. And after much deliberation and Googling, I’ve decided to use it for my ArtPrize quilt.

Even though the name of the product is kind of silly, I’m starting to warm up to it because it allows you to baste your quilt WITHOUT using pins which is fantastic because I seem to have misplaced the curved safety pins that I normally use for this purpose.

This batting is thinner than the natural cotton batting I usually use, so I would probably double it up if I was making a quilt for a bed. But I’m working on quilts for the wall, so I’m good to go.

Fusi-Boo puts up a little fight when you take it out of the package. Because it sticks to itself, I had to wrestle with it a bit get it unfolded and smooth. But I think we’re on the same team now. Let’s hope we continue to get along when I fire up the machine in a few minutes.

The fact that my blog posting has become more frequent the closer I get to the ArtPrize deadline is an indication that I truly excel at one thing: the fine art of procrastination.

OK, it’s time to get down with the Fusi-Boo.

P.S. I recommend Barbara Weiland Talbert’s book, “The Quilting Answer Book.” It contains great tips and makes me feel like I have an expert right in the room with me.

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