CraftSanity On TV: Handmade Key Fobs To Help You Keep Track Of Your Keys In Style

If I had all the time back that I’ve wasted looking for my keys, I’d have sooooo much extra time. Seriously.

Thankfully I’ve found a handmade way to decrease the number of times I lose my keys. After a particularly annoying key misplacement, I bought a key fob like the one above as an impulse buy at the local art market a couple years ago. And let me tell you that little fob changed my life. The purchase was the equivalent of a $5 dip in the fountain of youth because I stopped acting like I was 100 every day and started retrieving my keys from my overstuffed bag at record speed.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have my occasional early onset senior moments, but having a big loop attached to my keys has really helped.

But after two years of daily use, that fob I bought was looking a little sad. So after spotting the metal hardware in an affordable (less than $5) four-pack at Lakeshore Sewing in Wyoming, Mich. I decided to whip up some new fobs for today’s “Take Five” craft segment. Read on for directions and please let me know if you have any questions about this tutorial. (The video clip will be added later.)

9.5 inch piece of 1 1/4″ wide cotton webbing (If you buy a yard, you can squeak three fobs out of it.)
Cotton fabric scrap in fun print measuring 1 3/4″ wide by 10 1/2″ long.
Lightweight, double-sided fusible interfacing measuring 1 1/4″ by 10 1/2″
Super Glue or other strong glue
Metal fob hardware (Check your local sewing or craft store.)
Rubber mallet
Sewing machine and iron

1) Press the cotton fabric strip in half lengthwise and unfold. Then fold top and bottom edge lengthwise to meet the center crease you just pressed. Press a 10 1/2  strip of lightweight, double-sided interfacing to the back of the fabric strip for added stability. (Note the world will not end if you skip the interfacing. This will just give your fob a little more stability.)

2) Center the fabric strip on the cotton webbing, folding the fabric around the webbing on the short ends. If you decided to use double-sided interfacing, iron the fabric strip to the webbing now. This will keep the fabric strip in place without pins which is nice. Sew around the entire fabric strip to secure.

3) Fold this sewn piece in half with right sides facing out and sandwich the raw ends between the fob clamp. Pound closed with a rubber mallet.

4) For added stability, add a few drops of Super Glue to top raw edges of fabric clamped between the metal piece. (This is optional.)

5) Add your key ring, attach your keys and enjoy a little more order in your life. : )

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