A Little More Stitching Before I Go… and a Seattle Meetup Update (Sort of)

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4 Responses

  1. Jenny says:

    Love these! They are so cute. I felted a couple of bright wool blazers last year for a quilt challenge, but have LOTS left over.

    Wish I were going to be in Seattle. Have a great trip!

  2. turtle says:

    they came out cute! I so wish i could meet up with you thursday! (i am only an hour ferry ride from seattle across the water) but am crazy getting daughter ready for college next week. Hope you enjoy it though! Some great food places there as well as craft and thrift finds!

  3. Laura Bee says:

    Hi Jennifer, I’m in for Thursday after work. Hope to meet you in the flesh. I’ll check twitter or email me or call my shop 206 789 4044. – Laura

  4. jennifer says:

    Awesome, Laura! I’m really looking forward to finally meeting you in person. I’ll follow-up via e-mail. I just finished a new apron, so I’m all set. : )

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