Rug Weaving: Now That’s It’s Done, I Don’t Want to Step On It Just Yet

This rug has been on my CraftSanity Rug Loom for months. Under normal circumstances, I could kick out one of these darlings in an intense weekend of binge weaving, but I took my sweet time on this one because I’ve been using it as my demo sample at art markets.

Woven with torn fabric strips, I went for a plaid effect to match the accent pillows in my living room. And now that the weaving is done, I’ve been hesitating to take the rug off the loom because I love the way it looks in the peg frame.

Finishing a big weaving project like this sometimes makes feel like I do when I get to the end of a good book. It’s like I just don’t want it to be over just yet. So I plan to admire the rug in this almost-done state for a a few more days and then remove it from the loom and start on another one. The next rug will be made out of recycled t-shirts.

Want to make your  own rag rug? CraftSanity Rug Looms are available in my Etsy shop. The frame breaks down into four pieces for affordable shipping. I also make a one-piece model for local weavers who want to pick up their looms and save on shipping. You can read more about all the looms I make here.

What is your favorite material to weave with? I love weaving with vintage bed sheets and recycled t-shirts.

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