Sew Petite: Sewing in circles tutorial to try with the kids

The latest issue of Petite Purls is up and ready to inspire you. My daughters and I collaborated on the Sew Petite feature, a beginning stitching project for you to try with the budding crafters in your life. Ameila, 4, stitched the flower in the hoop above.

Abby, 6, decided to go her own way and stitched stacks of circles embellished with buttons.

And I made this one.

All three pieces have found their way to the wall in the kitchen. It was fun to sit around the table and work on our projects together. Thanks heavens for family craft time. It’s the best!

Okay, head on over to Petite Purls and check out all the great patterns and projects. In honor of the online publication’s first birthday, Carey Huffman designed super cute knitted and crocheted party hats. Oh, to have the time to whip of a collection of those for the next family party.

Happy stitching, everyone!

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