A CraftSanity Apron Contest & Show Reminder and New Project Announcement

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4 Responses

  1. Singer Direct says:

    I used to own a tie originally owned by the singer of a band called Weezer (I think the guys name was Rivers Cuomo) after he threw it into the crowd! Shame it got lost somewhere or I would happily donate.

    Best of luck with it anyway and looking forward to the podcast.

  2. Erin N. says:

    I’m no sewer, but I am an excellent seam ripper. What about a tie from a Village of Hesperia Council member?

  3. debbie says:

    Wow, you weren’t kidding about those aprons. They are cool. Love that one with the tie down the middle. I have a thing for Sunbonnet Sue so I love that one too.

  4. Philipa says:

    My sister made a quilt using the ties from my fathers wardrobe. Dad had a lot of ties and Joy took them and made them into a quilt. She found them hard to work with too. She didn’t actually do what you have done and cut them up. She actually left them as recognisable ties. If I get her permission I will send you a photo and the story behind the quilt as well

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