Loch Ness Monster Sighted Continuously At ArtPrize

Some call it the Loch Ness Monster, but here in Grand Rapids things are a little less formal.

Here the 5,000-pound beastly creature floating on the West bank of the Grand River goes by the name “Nessie.”

Nessie is the impressive work of a Grand Rapids collective of artists, builders, engineers, designers and other creative types who wanted to go big with their ArtPrize entry.

Why did they do it? Here’s an excerpt from the project website by Grand Rapids Artist Richard App: “We chose to go big with Nessie because we wanted to show the world what we think of our Grand Rapids. The genesis of this project is years in the making with many hands and heads involved. Relationships, regulations, logistics, finances and other big words have been tried and tested to get this from a sketch to that of bringing a myth to life. I hope that comes through in this piece.”

Props to App, Thomas Birks, David Valdisseri and the team of collaborators who worked with them to bring legend to life on the Grand.

This installation was a big hit with the kids during today’s brief art adventure downtown. They looked relieved when I reminded them that Nessie isn’t real. Well, at least this one isn’t.

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