‘Hat Heads’ Free Knitted Beanie Pattern Preview

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5 Responses

  1. Umatji says:

    Ha! I just blogged about my beanies yesterday! I am afraid my skill is just a tiad below this excellent gentleman’s but I share the love of a good beanie! Looks great!

  2. Knitkid says:

    Thanks, Umatji and Turtle:-)

  3. Soy Chai says:

    Hi! I am inspired by this episode and the opportunity to win the book!

    I am knitting a hat for Keith because I promised him one. Fortunately it hasn’t gotten cold yet. I knit one fo rhim except I didn’t like how it turned out. I will knit him another one real soon, so I can keep my promise. Thanks for your show.

  4. Debbie Scott says:

    Kudos to Trond for following the creativity path. I continue to be inspired by those who follow their creativity path and where it leads them, including you, Jennifer.

    I love knitting hats and found this podcast so inspiring because you can take the idea of one hat and change it into so many. I think of the many people that are ill, cancer treatments, that I am sure would love to have a hat to brighten their days. These are people who would inspire me to knit these hats.

    Again, thanks for the show.


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