Fashion Designers of the World, tonight I will salute you with a dress made of newspaper

I’ve been blog silent lately because I’ve been stitching like mad in preparation for tonight’s Recycled Runway event tonight at the UICA in Grand Rapids. I made a dress out of newspaper. It took way longer than I expected, but I actually made a dress which is kind of amazing since I don’t have much experience with garment sewing.

I started this project by accidentally cutting a 98-inch waistline. It’s a long story, but it all boils down to the fact that I have trouble doing math and talking at the same time. While I’ve had a few time-consuming set-backs due to my lack of fashion design experience, I have to say that making the dress has been a lot of fun. I’m exhausted and full of respect for all the creative people who design for a living.

Now my next challenge, the one that terrifies the most, is that I have to to wear it on the runway tonight. I could have, and probably should, have requested a model, but I was worried that my dress would not fit anyone else very well due to my lack of dress-making skills. And truth be told, it will only fit me with the aid of some MacGyver-style, behind-the-scenes craft moves, including the last-minute decision to scrap the ill-fitting strapless bra in favor of covering the straps of a more civilized bra with fabric that matches the dress. My big plan is to anchor the strapless dress to the camo bra to ensure that the dress stays up and I maintain some dignity.

Last I heard, I’m first up on the runway. My word. May the fashion gods smile upon me.

Come on out to the 7 p.m. show if you’re local, or check back here later to find out if I survived my 60 seconds of impersonating a model. I’m nervous about my part, but I’m excited to see all the great designs by the other participants. Okay, I’ll be back soon with a full report.

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