CraftSanity on TV: Cardboard Weaving Looms & a Table Loom Introduction

Today I showed Take Five viewers how to do some basic weaving on recycled cardboard. From cereal boxes to packaging from the mail, cardboard is readily available and ripe for free loom-making.

While cardboard looms are great for introducing kids to weaving, this project is for people of all ages. I’ve been weaving for more than a decade and still enjoy working on portable cardboard looms even though I have have a collection of looms ranging from floor to table top models. There’s something really cool about being able to make a coin pouch, bracelet or color sampler on piece of cardboard from the recycle bin.

As a self-employed woman, I’m finding that I’m “shopping” my stash and recycle bin more and more for my projects. I thought cutting the craft budget would really stink, but I’m getting a great deal of satisfaction out of creating with what I have on hand.  Weaving on cardboard looms is one more inexpensive project to try at home.

Then, if you really get into it, there are plenty of exciting table and floor loom possibilities. I especially love the locally made craft equipment and will be sharing the story of Ann & Bruce Niemi, owners of the Kessenich Loom Co. in Allegan, Michigan in my Sunday newspaper column. So check back here for the link to their story on Sunday. And if you’re local, you can go visit them and get your fiber fix at the Michigan Fiber Festival Aug. 15 & 16 at the Allegan County Fairgrounds.

Check out this week’s Take Five craft segment for more info on weaving with cardboard looms and a column preview.

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