Sock “Monkey Jackson” Tribute Doll

This is West Michigan crafter Dulce VanDyken’s Michael Jackson tribute. She’s selling the King of Pop sock monkeys for $50. She’s also selling the outfit separately for $25. The set includes black pants, the red jacket and trademark glove and a hat with curly hair attached.

I completely missed this sock monkey she’s calling “Monkey Jackson” the first time I stopped at her booth today at the Fulton Street Artisans Market. Apparently I was too distracted to see anything else once I spotted the kid-sized sock monkey aprons she made out of dish towels. On my return trip to her booth to take pictures of the aprons, Dulce introduced me to her most famous sock monkey ever. What will she think of next? (Keep in mind this is the same woman who made a custom “diva” sock monkey for my sister complete with curves.)

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