West Michigan’s Got Talent

Wow, what a great day for an art show. The weather was beautiful here in West Michigan and the crowds came out for today’s Fulton Street Artisans Market. I can’t testify to how sales went, because I ran a giveaway booth. However, I can tell you that I saw plenty of smiling vendors after the show, which is awesome. It’s so great to see this art market draw the crowd it deserves.

Speaking of smiling vendors check out these great people in the picture above who came to my booth for a group photo after the show. I didn’t request this photo, so I got a real kick out of the fact that all these people were willing to delay breaking down their booths to be in a photo with this apron-sporting craft addict. That was really nice, ladies. Thank you.

I spent the day giving away buttons and project instructions, but I feel like I made a million dollars because I met dozens of wonderful people who made me smile for the whole show. Many were readers of the craft column I write for the Grand Rapids Press, which was really gratifying. It turns out more than five people read that column which is great to know. Several people made my day by stopping by with show & tell. I love seeing what people make and hearing their stories. The good news for CraftSanity and Press readers is that you will get to read about some of these talented folks in the coming weeks as I have big plans to interview several of the creative people I met.

And now for the announcement of today’s CraftSanity T-shirt winners. The randomly selected winners are: Liz Bush, Pat Lewis and Deb Fix. Congrats, ladies! I will be contacting each of you to get your mailing addresses.

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by for a chat today. It was a pleasure to talk to you folks about what we love to do: make stuff. Keep chasing those creative dreams and updating me on your progress! :  )

P.S. This felt banner was so fun to make. It’s made by stuffing felt letters trimmed with blanket stitch. I swear, I’m totally addicted to felt. And speaking of felt… check back here tomorrow to enter a drawing to win some great felt and other goodies.

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