Crocheting Rag Rugs For a Cause

I have several projects in the works, including this rag rug. It’s a sample for Friday’s TV craft segment. This segment was inspired by a wonderful handmade effort at St. Andrew’s School in Grand Rapids where parents and volunteers are crocheting rag rugs out of donated bed sheets to raise money for a school emergency fund. The fund will be used to assist parents who lose jobs keep up with tuition payments.

They’re using all recycled materials, so 100 percent of the proceeds go to the cause. I love the fact that they’re selling handmade rugs instead of candy or overpriced wrapping paper. This is a great idea for other organizations looking to raise money in a handmade and eco-friendly way. Check out the story I wrote about the project on my GR Press blog.

Oh, and just an FYI to those of you who read my GR Press art & craft column in print. I won’t have a column in the paper this Sunday, but I’m working on one for the following Sunday. I’m sorry about missing a week because that column is my absolute favorite thing to write. And thanks to all of you who read it. You lovely people keep me in business. It’s such a pleasure to meet and write about talented people in West Michigan.

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