Wool Pets Needle Felting Kit Review

Wool Pets Penguin Needle Felting Kit Review

By Beverly Laing

This kit was my first encounter with needle felting, and I’m astounded at how easy it is. I used to think that it would require special equipment, or that it would involve hours of repeatedly poking the needle into wool fibres, but I was wrong. A simple barbed felting needle and good directions to follow, and the wisps of wool quickly start to form into a recognizable shape.

The Woolpets Penguin kit contains everything you need to make this penguin chick, including two felting needles (presumably one is a spare), a color instruction sheet, a generous chunk of wool fiber in the right colours, and wooden skewer, to help your fingers stay un-pricked. It’s all cutely packed into a little take-out box, and I can see what a great gift it would be for a new crafter or someone who hasn’t tried felting before.

It’s incredibly satisfying to achieve success with a new craft. Following the clear, step-by-step instructions, I soon found myself on the way to building a round, fluffy little penguin.

Large stickers on the packaging warned me of the sharp needles, but even with over 20 years of crafting experience, I found it easy to get carried away and poke myself. You’ve been warned! Also for safety, you need your own thick sponge to poke the fibers onto — but being eager to get started, I used a clean new dishwashing sponge, and it worked perfectly well.

A really nice touch in the kit is the card inviting users to upload their photos of finished Woolpets to a special Woolpets Flickr Group. Of course, I had a look at what everyone else was making and staged a little photo shoot of my finished penguin to get him in with the gang.

As a quick crafty fix, this kit was simple, approachable, and a lot of fun. Would I try another? Yes, definitely! I can think of several crafty friends who would love to make their very own Woolpet. As for this little penguin, he immediately charmed a beloved 94-year old, and spends his days in the basket of her walker. Perhaps soon there will be a whole barnyard of felted goodness to share around.

Beverly Laing is a crafty Canadian who blogs from her home in Australia at Taccolina and Posted Stitches.

*** There’s still time to enter the random drawing to win a copy of Laurie Sharp’s “Wool Pets” book. The deadline is March 31.