West Michigan Jewelry Artist Combines Aluminum and Resin to Create Reversible Bling

I’m a reformed gamer, but when I met jewelry artist Sarah Martin at an art show in 2007 my childhood obsession with 1980s games came flooding back. As soon as I saw the aluminum framed, resin-sealed Pac-Man earrings on her table, I knew I was going to cave and buy them.

Sarah was so happy when I bought the earrings that she asked me to pose for a picture wearing the earrings. I obliged although I knew my crazy getup would not likely help her boost sales. Within minutes, I was making my way down South Division Avenue in Grand Rapids, looking rather peculiar in a one-piece denim jumpsuit (purchased while caught up in the euphoria of dramatic weight-loss), a handmade half apron and bold Pac-Man earrings. It was a unique look to start with, but those earrings really made my day and generated some nice compliments as I made my way through the art show. (Thanks Sarah!)

After interviewing Sarah for my Art & Craft column (published in today’s Grand Rapids Press), I learned that her enthusiasm is not reserved for the freaks in jumpsuits who buy her jewelry. She actually gets a massive kick out of every sale and often celebrates by dancing around her studio. She makes people happy with her art and they make her happy when they validate her talent by buying her work. What a fabulous circle of happiness, eh?

Read Sarah’s story over at my newspaper blog and check out her Sarah Lynne Designs shop.

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