Rediscovering Fall Inside An Old Phone Book

It seems I’m continuously trying to organize my house in an effort to battle the cluttered mess that follows every deadline project I do. Today while organizing a bookshelf I came across the phone book I use to press flowers and leaves.

It was a treat to open the massive book and look at all the pretty leaves the girls and I collected during a fall color tour of the neighborhood. This lovely, although very brittle evidence of nature’s vibrancy came at a good time. It’s still cold here in West Michigan and the grass is looking sad and brown as it always does after the snow melts and we anxiously wait for spring. A colorful reminder of fall is just what I needed to get me through.

Soon we’ll be starting our seeds and getting ready to plant a new garden. The tulips will bloom, the temperature will be perfect for running outdoors, and Mother Nature will get all dolled up for us again. I can’t wait.

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