Simple Knotted Hemp Necklace Instructions

This is the knotted hemp necklace I demonstrated how to make on yesterday’s “Take Five & Company” craft segment. (Please pardon my bad hair. :  ) I made the necklace in the photo a few years ago and wear it often during the summer months. Quick and inexpensive to make, it’s perfect for jewelry lovers who don’t want to invest in a bunch of fancy tools or expensive beads. Make yours now, so you’re ready for tank top season.


Hemp twine (cut twice the desired necklace length), one large focal bead, grouping of eight to 10 small beads, and matching pairs of six or seven larger beads, toggle clasp, craft glue (optional)


1) String the focal bead on the hemp cord, center and tie a double knot.

2) String four or five of the smallest beads on each side of the focal bead and tie two strands of hemp in a double knot forming a beaded loop.

3) Working with a single strand of hemp, tie a knot about a half inch above the last grouping of beads and string on a larger bead. Tie another knot directly above the bead. Repeat on other side of necklace with matching a bead to create a symmetrical design. Continue adding knots and beads with even spacing until you’re about three inches from your desired length.

4) Thread toggle clasp piece onto each side of the necklace and knot in place about 1.5 inches from last bead. Double knot in place. Tie a series of knots, wrapping hemp around necklace in the space between the  clasp and top bead. After you’ve tied about an inch of knots, cut off the extra hemp. Add a dab of glue to the final knot for added strength.

Enjoy your new bling and please let me know if I you have any questions about these directions.

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