Jennifer on TV: Homemade clothes for Blythe dolls

Today on WZZM’s Take Five & Company (see video below), I showed how to make clothes and accessories for Blythe dolls, including handmade dresses made by Grand Rapids crafter Morgan Doane.

Doane bought her first Blythe in March and started selling dresses for the popular 12-inch doll  in April. Since then she’s sold more than 200 dresses to collectors all over the globe and sales are still picking up.

Doane will be the subject of my Sunday Grand Rapids Press column, which will also be available online at and include a free doll skirt and top pattern for download on Sunday.

You can check out Morgan’s Blythe dress shop on Etsy and her Flickr group, where the people who buy her dresses post photos of their dolls wearing them.

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