CraftSanity on TV: Transform a Frame to a Fabric Covered Corkboard

Today I demonstrated how to  transform a frame into a fabric covered corkboard on WZZM’s Take Five & Company. This is a fast and fun project that helps make organizing a little more fun.


• Frame (8″x10″ or larger works best, but I’ve made these as small as 4×6. The frame in the photo is an 18″x24″ frame. Use what you have.)

• Piece of cork to fit frame (I bought a roll of cork from Michael’s with my 40 percent off coupon.)

• Piece of fabric cut about 1.5 inches larger than the cork on all sides.

• Scissors or rotary cutter & self-healing mat

• box cutter or craft knife

• Pencil or pen

• Duct tap or hot glue gun

• Elmer’s Glue

• Brown paper bag or roll of plain craft paper

• 12 clothespins or binder clips

1) Take the glass out of the frame and use it as a pattern to cut a piece of cork.

2) For added stability, glue the cardboard piece that was in the frame to the back of the piece of cork. Clip clothespins or binder clips around the perimeter of the board to hold in place while glue is wet. Set aside to dry.

3) Cut a piece of fabric 1.5 inches larger than the corkboard on all sides.

4) Place corkboard face down on wrong side of fabric. Fold fabric tightly to back side. Use duct tape to secure the fabric to the cardboard side of the board. Using duct tape leaves you the option of peeling off the tape and reusing the fabric for something else later. Hot glue is less forgiving, but it works well if you want speed up the project.

5) Put the corkboard in the frame with the fabic side down facing out. Secure in place. Cut a piece of craft paper the same size as the back of the frame. Glue in place to cover the duct tape and other unsightly business on the back of the board.

* Then glue some googly eyes or buttons to thumb tacks with a strong adhesive. Then tack up your latest design idea, goal time for your next marathon or a reminder for your hubby to “Please, buy milk.”


P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Sunday Grand Rapids Press Art & Craft column (it will be here on featuring Jennifer McCoy, a crafty Grand Rapids woman you makes vintage inspired broaches, caplets and aprons. You can read her story in the Home & Garden section this weekend.

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