As Seen On Today’s ‘Take Five’ Craft Segment: Dog-themed Rice Pack Instructions

Dog Rice Pack: This rice pack can be heated in the microwave to warm up a sore muscle or chilled in the freezer to reduce swelling. This is a fun project to make with the kids. Read on for directions.


Men’s sock, size large

6-8 cups of long grain rice

White, black, brown and pink felt scraps

Needle and thread

1) Cut out eyes, nose, tongue and ear shapes from felt. I didn’t use a template, I just winged it.

2) Tuck the front of the sock toe inward to form the mouth. Place in the pink felt tongue inside the mouth and stitch in place, stitching across the entire front of sock, through all layers.

3) Use a funnel or small cup to fill the sock with rice. (Don’t over stuff. You want the rice to have room to move around a little bit.) Sew top of sock closed.

4) Heat or cool to your liking.

* The dog theme makes this project fun for kids, but you can skip the theme and simply fill a sock with rice, sew it shut, then heat or chill according to your needs. My mom made me a “snake” version of this rice pack that I use all the time.

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