Now’s The Time To Whip Up Some Hademade Holiday Hostess Gifts

I’m going green this Christmas thanks to Sue Elenbaas, a Grand Rapids Press reader from Borculo, Mich. Last weekend I hung out with Sue and her friends and learned how to make a simple potholder that doubles as a great hot pad. Sue also showed us how to make wonderful circular cloth napkins that look lovely when folded into little Christmas trees. I’m planning to scrap the paper napkins and use the cloth Christmas napkins on my own holiday table this year, and I’ve already made some potholders for teacher and hostess gifts.

So, check out today’s craft column and download directions to make some potholders and napkins of your own. Here’s a bit of the column that appears in the Home & Garden section of today’s GR Press to get you started….

Don’t ask me to tell you about the 50 Texas longhorns, 45 chickens, the horse, pony or assortment of barn cats on the Borculo hobby farm I visited last weekend. I wasn’t paying attention.

I may have driven through the menagerie without noticing because I was in the craft zone, completely focused on getting inside the house where Sue Elenbaas, 50, was hosting an informal craft gathering for four longtime friends.

Elenbaas had sent me a pilgrim-print potholder, a gesture that inspired me to travel to Ottawa County on the weekend to find out how she makes them and collect other last-minute Christmas gift ideas. A total party crasher, I surprised a carload of her friends in the driveway.

“She didn’t tell us you were coming,” one woman said.

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Update: I just uploaded some how-to videos

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