Crafting On TV Goes Smooth, Thanks To A Behind-the-Scenes Hero

take-5.jpgMy hair was fixed. My makeup was on. I was even sporting a new purple apron and ready with my little wheelie cart of craft goodness.

Sure, I was nervous about doing live TV, but I was in the craft zone and things were going great. I was ready to be a guest on the local morning show “Take Five & Company.” Everything continued to go great until I cut a corner a little too close near the green room. One moment I had a festive little “Boo Tree” decorated with ghosts hanging out of my cart, then, “SNAP!” One of the branches got caught on the wall and the entire top of the tree busted off.

I knew this was not a good way to prepare for my big four-minute segment, but I didn’t panic. I expected to run into a glitch or two and was kind of relieved to get the first one out of the way before I was wired for sound. I took it as a good sign that I had just ruined one of my projects and I was still standing, not crying and finding it all rather funny.

I had brought more than enough projects to talk about, so I could afford to trash the tree if my immediate MacGyver plan to fix it with packaging tape failed. (Tape was the only adhesive I had in my cart.) But thanks to a nice guy named Rex Bonner, I didn’t have to humiliate myself with a feeble attempt to tape my tree back together.

rex.jpgSomeone got word to building services that I was having a craft emergency and Rex emerged with a fast acting super glue in one hand and a spray adhesive accelerant in the other. In a matter of minutes he reconnected the top the little tumble weed tree and I was back in business. Thanks, Rex!

I told him he was my hero and insisted on taking the his picture with my phone before continuing to set up the rest of my projects. It was a real trip.

The rest was a blur. When I watched the clip online, I noticed that I forgot to plug Craft Club and tell people to look for my art and craft column on Sundays in the Press Home & Garden section. The only major cringe moment came when I told people to buy quarter inch cuts of fabric instead of quarter yard cuts to make the fabric banner. Ah, well, that was still better than pouring gesso all over the floor and then slipping in it. (I think I dreamed every possible mishap last night.)

When I told my mom I was going to be demonstrating some basic Halloween crafts on TV, she gasped and said: “You’re going to be the next Carol Duvall!”

Well, probably not. But it was fun to be in front of the camera with fabric and gesso for four minutes. (If you’re interested you can listen to my chat with Carol here. She’s the best.)

Today I learned a lot about what not to do on TV. There’s room for improvement, but I think that’s part of my charm. If I can do this stuff, you definitely can. Seriously.

It was particularly fitting that my little tree broke again while I was loading it back into to the car. The super glue held, but couldn’t prevent a break further down the stem. That totally cracked me up.

A special thanks to the nice people at WZZM for saving my “Boo Tree” and giving me the opportunity to spread my love of craft.

You can download the pdf for the fabric banner and read my craft column about them on my “Running With Needles” newspaper blog. You can find the instructions for the newspaper banner and read about more DIY decorating ideas to spook up your home here.

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