More Renegade Love: Felt Cafe


Doesn’t this yarn look fabulous? It ranked high among the crafty eye candy for sale at Renegade this past weekend. It was fun to chat briefly with Liz Maly, the talented maker of this lovely hand-dyed yarn and other fabulous Felt Cafe goods.

Check out the super cute, felted baby booties. This photo kind of makes me wish my feet were a lot smaller. felt-cafe-booties.jpg I’m amazed by the vibrant colors Liz achieves with natural dyes. So lovely.  The only yarn dyeing I’ve attempted has involved Kool-Aid. I wrote some basic Kool-Aid dyeing instructions for my newspaper craft column a while back. Download the project pdf if you’re feeling inspired to work with dyes you can drink.


I told Liz she could cheese it up for a photo and she did. I think the rain made us all act a little silly. (If you need more proof of this… scroll down to the end of my last post.)

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