A Sock Monkey Apron


It’s been on my to-do list for months and I finally did it. I made a sock monkey apron for Dulce, the sock monkey queen. I made an embroidery pattern from one of the photos I took of her monkeys and embroidered like mad while watching the Olympics Saturday night.

Everything was going swell until I sprayed the embroidery with water to erase the water soluble pen lines. To my horror, the red dye in the embroidery floss bled slightly onto the white fabric. I couldn’t believe it. I anticipated every potential disaster but that one. So, in the end, the monkey has a heavenly pink aura around it’s head.


Thankfully, Dulce was gracious about accepting the smudged apron as payback for the darling monkeys she gave my children. She put the apron on right away and made me feel better about the craft mishap. My word.

Thanks again, Dulce. The girls LOVE their sock monkeys.

Do any of you know if colorfast embroidery floss is available on the market? Unless I can find a colorfast product, I might have to start washing my floss by hand ahead of time or something. Either way, I need to figure this out before my next project.

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