Strawberry Delights… and a Big Sticky Mess

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10 Responses

  1. Renee says:

    Congratulations winners!

  2. Melissa H says:

    two words for you: freezer jam. Perfect to make with the kids and even more delicious than regular strawberry jam…. Have fun!

    PS you don’t really have to have the special plastic jars (you can use straight sided glass) but it does call for different pectin

  3. jennifer says:

    I think I’ll go the freezer route for the rest of the berries. Thanks, Melissa!

  4. susie Hewer says:

    Happy Independence Day! xxx

  5. Turtle says:

    congrats ladies! mmm jam. I have been freezing those coming from the garden so far but maybe monday i’ll make a small batch!

  6. T2 says:

    Did you take the photo yourself? I love the detail in the foreground and the blurring of the background. Very professional!

  7. Yes, I took the strawberry photo myself. I have a magic lens that rocks the house. : )

  8. sarah says:

    love the strawberries (of course) but also LOVE the apron! so cute :)

  9. Harry Potter says:

    Enjoyed reading/following your page.Please keep it coming. Cheers!

  10. Shayla says:

    “CraftSanity – A blog and podcast for those who
    love everything handmade

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