Illuminate Your Dreams


Today my art & craft column is about a woman who refuses to let life pass her by. After a family illness forced her to reconsider how she was spending her days working as a physician assistant, Mary Wisniewski decided not to put her dreams off any longer. Today she is the owner of the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based Orchard Harvest candle company. She works long hours pouring candles and running her business. It’s exhausting work, but she’s happy to do it because she’s living her dream.

I finished writing my column at my kitchen table with one of Mary’s natural wax, Buttery Vanilla candles burning nearby. What a delicious smelling candle. I forgot how relaxing it is to sit and watch the flicker of a candle flame. I need to make time for that. Mary’s story is an inspiring reminder that we all owe it to ourselves to follow our bliss and make our dreams a reality.

So here is today’s Big Question: What do you really, really want to do with your life? (Feel free to post your dream in the comments below. Sometimes going public can be very motivating.)

Think about it and then try to take one tiny step today toward making your dream a reality. Maybe that’s as simple as doing a Google search on the subject, or writing your answer down in a place where you can see it every day.

Today could be the first day of the best chapter of your life. Believe it!


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